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Among the places to visit in and around Rimini we recommend that you go in search of historic, little-known but truly evocative places.

The Port of Cesenatico

The Leonardesque Canal Port is one of the most striking monuments of the seaside town of Cesenatico. Excavated as early as the early 14th century, it was surveyed in 1502 by Leonardo Da Vinci, called by Cesare Borgia, to suggest improvements. Along the canal are some important city sites such as the Maritime Museum, Piazza Pisacane with the monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi, and the "Marino Moretti" House Museum.


The medieval town of Santarcangelo is located on Colle Giove, a short distance from Rimini. It is rich in historical monuments such as the Campanone, the Rocca Malatestiana, the Arch of Pope Clement XIV and Ganganelli Square. It also features a veritable underground world of caves carved out of sandstone and clay that were once used to store food or take refuge during sieges.


On the border between Romagna and Le Marche lies the ancient town of Gradara. So picturesque that it seems to be immersed in a distant world full of magic, it is the perfect place to taste a cuisine that undergoes the charm of the two lands, that of the Marche and that of Romagna. It should not be forgotten that the city walls still jealously guard, the events of the tormented love between Paolo and Francesca.

San Leo

A small village in the Rimini hinterland, among the 15 best villages in Italy, it stands on the highest of the mountains in the entire Apennines, Mount Feliciano. On the summit stands the majestic Rocca, one of the finest of Florentine Renaissance military architecture. It still guards the secrets and events of the Italian alchemist Cagliostro, who was imprisoned in the fortress of San Leo on charges of heresy.


Positioned on the lush hills of the Conca Valley, near the Marche border, Saludecio dates back to the 12th century and brings with it clear and well-preserved signs of the past. Worth visiting are the Parish Church of San Biagio, the Civic Tower, the Porta Marina, which is the entrance to the town, the Municipal Palace and the Albini Palace. In the first week of August, the Ottocento Festival a major event dedicated to the 19th century has been staged for 30 years.


Located between the Conca and Foglia valleys. Montegridolfo lies on the border between Marche and Romagna, and was fought over by Malatesta, Montefeltro, Borgia, Venetian and Church. Today it is one of the most charming villages of the Romagna hinterland, welcoming Italian and foreign visitors from all over the world. Among the narrow streets of the village you can unearth typical local cuisine trattorias and really characteristic craftsmen's workshops.

Petrella Guidi (nominal tombs of Fellini and Giulietta Masina)

Petrella Guidi is one of the thirteen castles in the vicariate of Sant'Agata Feltria and is characterized by very tall houses made of ancient white stone joined together in an irregular way. Repopulated a few years ago, thanks to the will of some private individuals who turned it into an albergo diffuso, it houses marble slabs dedicated to Federico Fellini and his wife Giulietta Masina.

The museum of the Republic of San Marino to be experienced on the skin

A multimedia, sensory museum that will amaze you and immerse you in the ancient history of San Marino, to understand its origins and better appreciate the places and monuments to visit. Thanks to the agreement with the museum, Hotel Smile guests will be entitled to a discount on the ticket price, an additional opportunity for your vacation!

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