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The food and wine of romagna

It is in Romagna, without taste and savour the traditional dishes of the tradition of the place, simple dishes of peasant tradition and seafaring. We recommend some of the typical products to be tasted absolutely!

In addition, on request and for a fee, it will be possible to arrange guided tours and tastings in the cellar, in the vineyard or in the olive mill with tasting the foods of our countryside.

Meat and cheese

The cheese:
the cheese of fossa → name the type of seasoning that takes place in pits, underground rooms, dug in the middle ages in the tuff of the village of Talamello;
the squacquerone → fresh, creamy and delicate, it marries perfectly with the flatbread and that should be tasted alone or accompanied by caramelised figs;

The meats and cold cuts:
the mora romagnola → pig, the local of black color is inserted by the region of Emilia-Romagna in the Regional Plan of Rural Development as a race to save;
the Chianina → renowned for its lean meat and tasty, in fact, only in the specimens of the mole, the greater you will find some infiltration of fat, which emphasize the characteristic taste.
Greaves romagnoli → small bites of pork fat, which is boiled for long in order to come out as lard and flavored with bay leaves, salt and pepper.

Wine and olive Oil

The Wines:
SanGiovese → typical red wine has a dry and pleasantly bitter, it goes with meat sauce, roasts, grilled meats, and soups;
Trebbiano → is a white table wine produced also in the versions Frizzante and Spumante, and to accompany light starters, grilled fish and white meat;
Cagnina → must be served at a tasting temperature of 10-12°, by tradition, goes to the donut home, the chestnuts roasted, the cakes and fruit tarts, sweet ' tortelli stuffed with jam.

The Oil
The olive oil from the hills of romagna, is an oil of great value, from the renowned tastes and smells, still little known and appreciated for their effective quality. On the Hills of Forlì and Cesena, the territory between Roncofreddo, Montiano, Longiano and Borghi, is the one that ensures a consistent production of excellent quality.

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